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Jerry Wagner

Gerald R. Wagner (Jerry), Ph.D. is the President of the Academy of Culture Ambassadors. His career started as head of research statistics with a Fortune 50 company in Chicago. From there he went to the University of Texas in Austin to be head of the Operations Research Group in the College of Engineering. While there he started his first software company named Execucom Systems Corporation which dominated the financial planning niche. After selling the company he started more software companies in Austin and spent time at Texas A&M as a Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Later he joined the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. PKI is the Information Science and Engineering college for UNO. While there he founded the BSc degree in Information Technology Innovation. One year he was named the outstanding Nebraska Technology Professor. While at UNO he was also a Gallup Senior Scientist specializing in Data Visualization.

At about that time Gallup published their landmark book called Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements. It was that book that started him on his current path. He then went to Bellevue University to start the Institute for Employee Wellbeing. While there he consulted with several organizations. Once in a while he noticed a business with an exceptional workplace culture. He wished for a way for the world to become of aware of these exceptional workplaces. That was the start of what became the monthly publication now called Culture ROLE MODELS. That progressed to become what is now the Academy.

This short video tells his background story up until about 2 years ago:

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